Collab & Conquer—An MCCY x Kult Escape Room Experience (16 Feb)

Breaking News!


A $3 million painting by renowned Singapore artist Chris Chai has just DISAPPEARED!

In what appears to be the biggest art heist in Singapore’s history, the artwork was stolen from the Kult Museum one day before it was unveiled to the public. Who could the thief be? Is it the security guard, with his knowledge of the security systems? Or the curator, who has access to the painting?

It could even be the artist! Rumours are rife that the painting is still in the museum, hidden somewhere and waiting to be smuggled out.

Solve the mystery
Before the painting disappears forever, we are giving you free access to the museum to piece together the clues and find it!

Come solve the mystery through an immersive Escape Room experience, brought to you by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and Kult, a Singapore-based, multi-disciplinary design studio and art gallery.

Ready to Collab & Conquer?

Sign up from now till 16 Feb 2019, 2359h!

More activities & prizes await you!
Apart from the Escape Room, you can also participate in exciting games and fringe activities to find out who stole the painting. What’s more, stand to walk away with attractive prizes designed exclusively by local artists!

For more information and event updates, follow @mccysg on Facebook or Instagram.

An email will be sent out as a reminder prior to your participation date.

Terms and Conditions
  • Collab & Conquer is open to all.
  • Children 12 years old and below are not advised to enter for safety reasons.
  • Participants 12 years and below must be accompanied by a parent or guardian above the age of 18 years old.
  • All participants should report to the registration booth at least 15 minutes before their selected slot, if not the slot may be given away to another participant.
  • All participants are required to sign an indemnity form before entering.
  • All personal belongings should be placed in the lockers outside the Escape Room.
  • The Escape Room is not recommended to expectant mothers, and those with heart conditions, hypertension, claustrophobia or similar conditions. It is your responsibility to manage your safety, and if in doubt, should not participate in the Room.
  • Participation in the Escape Room includes interacting with your environment and does not require the use of any excessive force or physical abilities such as running, crawling or striking. Any deliberate, inappropriate or excessive use of force may result in the termination of your experience.
Terms and conditions are subject to changes. MCCY will have the final decision on all matters regarding the Escape Room.
Sat Feb 16, 2019
12:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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Venue Address
1 Tampines Walk Singapore
Collab & Conquer—An MCCY x Kult Escape Room Experience

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